Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Froggy Day in the Neighborhood

We took a trip to Muzeo today in Anaheim, to see A Chorus of Color, the frog exhibit that ends tomorrow. You may remember my trips to see the Napoleon exhibit earlier this year NAP1 and NAP2~same wonderful museum space. Next month begins a great looking exhibit on Russian Icons.

Anyway, A Chorus of Color was a blast. And today and tomorrow, it's underwritten by Bank of America, so it's free and free is good! I read a lot of froggy facts but I'm not an authority so I'm just going to show, not tell :-) Enjoy!

At the Beginning

Frog imitation... Very flattering...

Little green frogs. They don't even look real...

This one looked like origami...

Tomato frogs.


A friendly lookin' fella.


They may be pretty but there's enough venom in these gorgeous guys to kill 10 humans!

These look like cricket legs to me...

The second building at Muzeo is now hosting Mirada's, Mexican Art from the Bank of America Collection. This whimsical piece is by Alejandro Colunga.

Trust me to find the bling! I think this is a Miss Anaheim crown.

Oooo, he just couldn't resist...

So, if you're ever in the Anaheim area (think Disneyland), spend a few hours at this awesome little museum. I'm sure there'll be something that will spark your interest!

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