Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Jetsons Would Be Proud

Ok, I'm probably a little behind with technology but we recently got a phone that accesses the internet, lets me Facebook and Twitter with abandon and other things I haven't even thought about accessing yet, like downloading music, uploading pictures and getting around with the GPS.

The Husband and I are actually sharing the phone, although I'll have it most of the time since I have the online shops. He'll take it when he needs to be somewhere he's never been (GPS) or when he's got a show he wants to record and upload to YouTube right away.

Why I wanted a multi-purpose phone (any technology beyond a VHS player I consider in the realm of the fantastical world of The Jetsons):

1. It's getting harder to access email at work, so I wanted to be able to pick up business emails right away.

2. When we're away from home, whether for the afternoon or on vacation, I can now be connected with the world! We've never gotten the hang of wireless, even though The Husband has a laptop. This means I don't have to put my Etsy shops on vacation while we're away because I'll be able to convo buyers with info whether I'm watching dolphin shows or standing in line at the grocery store.

3. This phone has GPS capabilities for The Husband, who, and I say this with affection, is Directionally Challenged.

4. I wanted to have a presence during the day on Twitter and Facebook for the business (and, ok, for friends…)

5. Dang it, I just wanted to be one of the Cool Kids Who Are Connected.

I have a really ginormous learning curve with things like this, so I work at something until I’m so frustrated that I want to throw the device, then I start again when I'm calm. This led me to comment on Facebook that it's times like these that I regret not having kids because it would be helpful to have a teenager to explain all this stuff. I had at least 8 people comment back that all I was missing was the eye rolling, sighing and derisive behavior they get from their smart alecky children when they make the mistake of asking for tech assistance! LOL! Of course, this is probably the description of me The Husband would give when he asks ME for tech help…

So, the phone and I are slowly getting to know each other. My next hurdle is downloading the Facebook app for photos, so I'll be able to upload pix from the road. You feint of heart folks, cover your sensitive ears! I'm goin' in!

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