Sunday, January 3, 2010

Napoleon Redux

Déjà vu? Non, my cheries! I took The Husband to the Napoleon exhibit and this time I had my new Canon The Mom sent for Christmas. So please bear with me as we take another journey with Napoleon (this time with better pix).

Why a metal boat in a parking garage? No idea, mes amies...

Pretty fountain outside Muzeo

A study of rays from Napoleon's Egyptian journey

Close up of an oil painting with a hint of glitter.

Beautiful embroidery on a jacket worn at the coronation.

Check out the lush buttons!

Close up of embroidered bee from a kneeler used at the coronation. So amazing to see these artifacts from the actual coronation!

Be still my heart! Here's the ring I tried to photograph before. This is so sparkly in person! Gorgeous!!

The Ring again, with a watch given by Marie-Louise (the wife after Josephine) and some other jewels. And check out the little piece of beautiful blue and gold fabric from ML's bedroom. Luxe!

Napoleon's campaign bed and lounge, used while warring... Check out the rug...

The end of the exhibit. The Husband says this looks like a postcard.

The piece d'resistance-an actual hat of Napoleon's. The summer version. With the reflection of a bust of the man himself. I meant to do that. No, really!

And then back outside for The Husbands' Napoleon impression--yes, he's made a little pocket in the shirt so he could stick his hand in... And he found out today that Napoleon was taller than him. Turns out N. is 5'6", not 5'2"...

One of the things I want to do this year as a personal goal is do more things--experience more, which means more museum visits, going to arboretums, special events, movies and things like that. Sometimes I hold myself back, citing traffic and parking and fees, oh my! But most things are close enough and fees aren't so astronomical, some things are even free. I need to stop making excuses and go do things! I'm a bit of a homebody and that has to change. Today was a good start! So...

Do What You Love!


Devorah Abrams Farmer said...

Hey! I studied about Napoleon & Josephine for years (as well as kings & queens prior to them. And yes, a little after them as well).

On the rug that you have pictured, that is the Bourbon Bee, the symbol of Napoleon's reign. If you reverse the bee, it is the Fleur-de-lis! When Napoleon came into power, they took the curtains & turned them upside down to make it "his" symbol! Of course I think this also had to do with the House of Bourbon's or something like that, that helped him into power -- as I recall vaguely.



Bear Chick said...

It's a very interesting time, especially when you parallel it to that time in America.

Thanks for the info about the Bourbon Bee's. You would have enjoyed this exhibit, I'm sure!