Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Creativity Journal with Heart

God bless Barnes and Noble. They always have a table of deeply discounted stuff. It’s usually strange stuff that hasn’t sold, like mango scented massage kits and books of copyright free designs missing the CD… But on my last visit, they had a journal with black designs and a cool heart (see below) that I couldn’t resist. I love journals and blank art books but I’ve been good this year and haven’t bought every one I’ve seen since I really haven’t been journaling. But this one caught my eye and at half price, I gifted it to myself.

It sat near my work table for a few days, lookin’ pretty but empty. I hadn’t quite decided what I was going to dedicate it to. But a few nights ago, I was reading an article in Cloth Paper Scissors about beginning. So I got up and painted a frame I bought for a piece of artwork from Artsyville meant to inspire me (see below) that had sat white and boring for far too long.

Once I’d painted the bright colors, I got out the journal, plunked myself on the floor and started writing about wanting to be more creative. And I gave myself a couple of assignments for the next day. And every night since then, I’ve come home, had dinner and completed the previous days assignments, before deciding on the next night’s assignments.

I’m feeling pretty positive about this assignment thing. I’m not giving myself huge things to do. I’m coming up with small, manageable, doable things to be done in an evening. Well, really, less than an evening. A girl needs time to read, too! And say Hi to Facebook friends and play with kitties and The Husband. But I’ve really begun to miss dabbling with paints and sticky things and glitter. And I’m happy to have found a method to get me artsy again without unpleasant pressure that would keep me at a standstill, which is where I‘ve been for a long time with the art stuff. I opened Bearchickart on Etsy and promptly focused on jewelry again after a dry spell with that… Go figure.

Then tonight, on the way home from work, I stopped at Borders. Oh, baby, they had plenty of calendars and journals on sale and resistance was futile! I mean, cats, colors and pink paper! So, here are two more, one for Bear Chick/business and one for keeping me on track with dispensing of the clutter in my life. There’s so much I want to accomplish and hopefully, this new assignment method will help…

So, anyway, here’s to a 2010 filled with creativity, art on many levels and fun with sticky, glittery, colorful stuff!

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Sheep Rustler said...

Good luck. I am going to do a sort of similar thing. Sometimes I think we need lists of some sort to accomplish even spontaneous creativity! Here's to hoping that we will both have wonderfuly creative years this year :)