Sunday, July 15, 2012

Blogging for Serial

So, Life and The Day Job have intruded on creativity lately. When I get home, I just don’t seem to have the mental energy to think up a whole blog. So sad!

But I’ve decided what I can do is write a series of bite size serial blogs about things that interest me right now. Or things that might interest you. A picture and a few words. Yeah, I can do that!

For my first series, Art Around My House:

This is a fine art print of Jack Vettriano’s The Singing Butler (the full version). If I’m not mistaken, the original of this extremely popular painting sold at auction for over a million dollars a few years ago, shocking snotty art critics who didn’t believe that popular would translate to big bucks, especially when the artist is still alive. So there, snotty art critics!!

Vettriano is a Scottish artist whose work is sometimes thuggish but always tells an interesting, usually noir-ish, story. This print, Back Where You Belong, hangs over our bed. I love the colors and warm emotion of this piece.

Do What You Love!

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