Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Cat Woman by Margo Zafer Nahas

I have a dream that a piece of artwork I’ve picked up at a yard sale or antique store will turn out to be worth millions. Or at least thousands… This is one of the pieces I fantasize over.


It’s number 16 of 100 signed prints of Cat Woman by Margo Zafer Nahas, the award winning illustrator of Van Halen’s album cover of “1984”~you know the one~the smoking angel!

The other thing that makes this piece unique is the fact that it’s mounted on a cabinet door. I don’t remember where I got it--I’m sure it was a yard sale--but the combination of the cat theme and the cabinet door was too cool to pass up. I didn’t realize who the artist was until I did some research when I got home.

Isn’t this awesome!!

It’s dated 1972, it’s 16 out of only 100 and it’s on a cabinet door. Please tell me it’s worth a mill!! A thou??


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