Monday, May 28, 2012

A Package From Bear Chick

I have selective creativity. I do some things well, like jewelry. But there are other things I have very little imagination for, like gift baskets. I try to put a special touch on the packages I send out to my Etsy customers~they’re not as razzle dazzle as some I’ve seen but I’ve gotten good feedback, so they seem to be appreciated.

Even though I send out my jewelry in boxes and padded envelopes, I always line the box with bubble wrap. And because the bubble wrap is so blah, I use a piece of tissue around it so when the box is opened, it’s festive and colorful.

I made templates for both my earring and necklace boxes out of cardboard.

I cut the bubble wrap to the exact size of the template and the tissue a little longer so the bubble wrap is completely covered when it’s folded around the jewelry.

Then I put my Bear Chick sticker on the box. I remember my grandmother having her jewelry in boxes with gift shop stickers on them. I guess because some of the places where she bought her jewelry were owned by friends, I always make the association that there’s a person behind what’s in the box, not some faceless manufacturer. Just a little warm fuzzy for me.

The last thing I do is create the labels for the mailing envelopes. My return address is in my company colors, green and purple, plus blue, which are the cool colors. The customer address I print in the warm colors of red, orange and yellow. They make for a very colorful envelope!

If you’re an artist, what special things do you do for your mailings? If you’re a customer, tell us what you like and don’t like about how your goodies are mailed to you.

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