Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A New Prop and New Technology

Lately I’ve been making really long necklaces that are a challenge to display.  When I was getting ready to do the Bead Bazaar recently, I toyed with some solutions. One was a vintage fire screen that I’ve used before but it tends to dominate any table it’s on and I would have had to repaint it and change out the hangers…

So, while wandering the aisles of my neighborhood Michael’s, I saw this little red table. It had so much potential that I took off the necklace I was wearing and made sure it would work the way I needed. It’s only 19 ½” high and has a relatively small footprint. And the flowers and scrollwork make perfect hangers. Voila! Problem solved.

This was the first show I’d done since I got a phone I can access the internet with. What a luxury! Usually, I have to put my online shops on “vacation” mode, so I don’t run the risk of selling something online AND at a show--that would be very awkward, since most of what I create is one of a kind. I’ve had that happen with vendors I wanted to buy something from--it is most uncool to hear that the unique item you want is no longer available… So now, when I have a sale, I can go to my Etsy or Artfire shops on my phone and deactivate that item. How awesome is that??
VERY awesome :-)

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