Saturday, April 30, 2011

April, Where Did You Go??

Ok, I have to get at least one blog entry in for April!  Work has been crazy, I was learning Turbo Tax and getting ready for the Bead Bazaar at The Bowers Museum, then recovering from the Bead Bazaar (it's a looooong day!).

Here are my tables at the Bazaar.  I had quite a few earrings and a new necklace display I'll show you in a later blog entry.  I always have tables in the same area, in the covered walkway, protected from the sun.  There have been some years when the heat has been outrageous and being in the pleasant coolness of the shade has been a blessing.  This year, it was funny because we were literally shivering under the cover while folks out in the courtyard were sweating!  But it's all good!

Along with everything else, I'm trying to eat healthier and get more exercise.  It's a process...  This doesn't help:

The Easter Bunny was having a half price sale!!  But I was a Good Do Be and didn't buy any!

So, I hope you had a great April and Easter and Tax Day and maybe even Spring Break!

Do What You Love!

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