Sunday, March 13, 2011

I Heart Shopping!

Once again, LA beckoned to my friends, Barbara and Anneliese, and I. We journeyed in to downtown LA to shop for beads and embellishments and little bears and checkerboard trim (Barbara) and orchids (Anneliese). Within a few blocks, you can find bead strands, sari fabric, quinceanera tiara’s, flowers, buttons, Swarovski crystals, charms, fleece blankets and rhinestone trim. It’s a cultural melting pot of shoppers and sellers.

We wear out our walking shoes, burning up calories, as we hoof the 10 or 12 blocks to the famous Clifton’s cafeteria for lunch. Click on the pic to see more on Clifton’s at Way of the Wong:


And here’s a few shots of my haul:



As always, it was a fun day with my Beady Peeps!

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Mary said...

You take such great photos of your finds--fun to see. I don't know how I lost track of your blog, but am sorry it's been so long. I've enjoyed browsing all your recent interesting posts. Congratulations on your Etsy milestone--a real achievement!