Friday, May 6, 2011

Mare's Senior Style!

This year, I'll be eligible for some Senior Discounts. Yes, I'll be 55. I want a pin I can flash that says "Where's My Senior Discount?" Maybe I can have one made on Etsy!

One of my favorite blogs is Advanced Style. There are wonderful pictures and sometimes videos of older folks in wonderfully stylish or creative outfits. They're such an inspiration to me, as I approach my own golden years.

I have made a conscious decision not to fade into the woodwork as I get older. No disappearing act for this girl! As I buy new clothes, they're going to be colorful, with a few dark colors to contrast dramatically. But my real Style Signature will be bright shoes. I'm already starting to collect the brightest shoes I can find.

Here's a tip--the brightest colors tend to be in the kids department. I'm so lucky I can wear a kid's size 4!

Here's a couple of new acquisitions:

Kid's Department! 

There's no place like home!


And some shoes I've had for a long time. I knew I kept these for a reason when I was downsizing recently! My younger co-worker calls these my “cool kicks”.

And the pair I bought when I went on a cruise over Halloween with my BFF, Zan.

Right now, I’m on the hunt for sapphire blue flats, preferably with a good amount of sparkle!

Do What You Love!

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