Saturday, January 8, 2011

What Have I Done Today?

Hmmmm… I’ve been lagging behind on my blogging… Things at The Day Job have gotten busier since we had to lay off one person from our department. The holidays were filled with too much sugar and I got Binge Brain (which means sugar zapped my energy and creativity). I just haven’t had the brain power to blog.

So, I think somedays I’ll just have to virtually mumble about the mundane things I’ve done that day in the hopes of getting some true inspiration.

Today, I dropped The Husband at work, since his ancient VW bus is in the shop. It didn’t pass the smog test. Do NOT get me started on the CA DMV… I had a bunch of errands to do:

My weekly visit to the library, dropped one book, picked up 4 :-)

Stopped at Walmart for a money order and saw this awesome pickup truck--the color drew my eye but I love the entire thing!

Dropped into my eye doctor to confirm how big frames would have to be for my trifocals (yeah, I’m old. So??). I’ve been browsing vintage cat’s eye frames on Etsy.

Braved Brea Bead Works to see if I could find a really small gauge sterling silver jump ring for a commissioned pair of earrings. I couldn’t. Looks like I’ll have to make some jump rings that fit. Wait--if I couldn’t find the jump rings I wanted, how did I spend $38??? Hence why I used the word “braved” BBW’s. Bead stores are rife with temptation. In my defense, though, one thing I bought was for The Mom’s birthday!

Got chicken apple sausages on sale at Sprouts.

Did the grocery shopping. Drove through Carls for a side salad. And a small vanilla shake. With whip cream. I didn’t ask for the whip cream. It just comes with it…

Later on, I picked up The Husband, cooked some of the sausage’s (nom!), watched last night’s CSI:NY with a cat sleeping on my lap and now The Husband is watching some scary movie on SyFy. Think I’ll go try to make some tiny jump rings!

Do What You Love!


Kim VanDerHoek said...

That is a cool truck. And the sausages sound delicious. You've given me an idea for dinner tomorrow.

Merry Beth Grindahl said...

and Love what you do. :) Sounds like you had a productive day. Your bead shop experience reminds me of many trips I have made to the quilt shop.

Chris said...

hahaha! I loved the way you went to the bead store, didn't find what you wanted but still spent $...that's exactly what I do! Bead stores are waaayyyy too tempting! :-)