Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mixed Media Play Day!

Once again, my friend, Barbara Bastrup hosted a mixed media workshop out of the Bead Society of Orange County at the Bowers Museum. She brings in tons of materials for us to play and experiment with. What’s more fun than getting yourself covered in paint, glue and glitter??

Paints and glitter

Stamps and Carols' project

Halloween candy required for admission to class!


...and her work in progress

Barbara and me!

And my masterpiece. Paint, glitter, metal roses and beautiful paper that inspired the color story. I brought in foil that I'd stamped earlier in the week with the words "faith", "grace" and "peace". Maybe I'll take a better picture later but right now The Husband is tempting me with a trip out for frozen yogurt!

Do What You Love!

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