Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Jewelry

Today I wore a Halloween pin that I haven’t worn in years. I’m not a big Halloween person but I enjoy some of the iconic images--vampires, ghosts, black cats… And it got me to thinking about what Halloween jewelry I have.

Here’s what I could find in a few minutes sifting through my collection:

This is the pin I wore today. The Husband bought it for me at a craft show in the 80’s, I think. I love the vampire, I love the rainbow cape and especially, the red sneakers! This always make me laugh when I see it.

This is a necklace I made myself when I was first making jewelry, probably in 2001 or ‘02. I got the lampwork ghost on Ebay, I think from an artisan in Hawaii. I wanted to make the beadwork look like candy corn but I think I got the colors skewed a little. Oh well, I still love this piece!

Here’s a Boyd’s Bear pin, with a less than traditional black cat. So much detail and texture!

You can tell it’s a Boyd’s from the bear paw print on the cats head. The paw print is their signature.

And here’s a fun necklace that I bought for 25 cents last year at a yard sale in Buena Park. It made me laugh and reminded me of our very own black cat, Watson. I was going to cut it up and use the faces and candy corn to upcycle some new jewelry but I really like it just the way it is!

Do you have any favorite Halloween jewelry?

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