Sunday, October 10, 2010

Girls' Day Out

Today, I met my friend, Anneliese, in Old Town Orange, a quaint little area filled with antique shops and art galleries. Here’s the Plaza (more commonly known as The Circle, because it has an honest-to-God traffic circle):

I recently discovered Cherry on Top frozen yogurt, where you mix your own yogurty concoctions. Nom! So that’s where we met for a cool lunch on a very warm SoCal day:

We took our time poking through antique shops and new boutiques that have been popping up, where I snagged some really cool old jewelry to upcycle:

Then we went to a reception for our friend, Marilu Morency, at the Schroeder Gallery, where she was showcasing her beautiful beadwork:

Her little inspiration bags hold a positive word to brighten your day. She works in seed beads, which are teeny tiny and totally beyond my patience (and eyesight!):

Here’s the Bead Society Girls: Me, Marilu and Anneliese:

It was really good to get out with friends today. It’s been one of those weeks where nothing went right and other things just went wrong… It truly lifted my spirits to get out and see girlfriends and be carefree for a few hours!

Do What You Love!

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