Saturday, July 3, 2010

Fun at the Mall

After we dropped the necklaces at the Orange County Fair, we ducked into South Coast Plaza. Back in the day, SCP was the main mall across the street and the place we were visiting yesterday was called the Crystal Court. Now it’s all one big complex connected with a flower-lined bridge from one mall to the other. Anyway…

Since I had the Canon with me, I shot a few things I found interesting and fun.

This mall loves to decorate it’s main hub for any given holiday. This week: The Three Story Flag

Jessica McClintock in the Spirit of the Fourth

The Husband admiring a wonderful desk at Restoration Hardware. It’s in the guise of a huge steamer truck and can be closed when you’re finished for the day. He has something similar and smaller at home, but without the evocative trunk design.

The Wife, admiring the Eiffel Tower bookends and the big Z, which reminds her of her BFF, Zan.

A glittery pirate ship chandelier at Z Gallery

The colorful window of Paper Source

Do What You Love!

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