Friday, July 2, 2010

Off to the Fair!

Today was drop off day for the two necklaces I entered in competition to the Orange County Fair. We went in the middle of the day so we’d miss the first-thing-in-the-morning crowd and the just-got-off-work crowd. It slipped my mind to take decent pix of both necklaces, so here are a couple of quick pix taken when I made them.

Tequila Sunrise

Sparkle and Glow chainmaille and crystals

Last year, I regretted not taking a few snaps of the fairgrounds, to give you an idea of where we were. But I took the cool Canon camera with me this time:

Parking at the Fairgrounds, usually full of the weekend Orange County Swap Meet (think it’s called The Market Place, now).

Outside the exhibits buildings, where the Home Arts and Fine Arts are turned in. The Husband thinks it looks like a train station. I have to agree.

Hustle and bustle inside, although there aren't many people in this shot. You’re taken into another area one by one to set up your jewelry and I didn’t want to take up any time trying to take pictures of the set up process… I’ll try to get pix when I go see the displays during the fair.

I want to go on this again!!

I always look forward to the fair. I usually like to stay around the air conditioned buildings (and fairs are always in the middle of the raging heat of summer why??), where the creative stuff is. But The Husband will be doing some MC’ing of the Pie Eating Contests that Knott’s are sponsoring, so I may have to venture into the heat to see him do his thing, which he does very well! Maybe we'll see you there.

Do What You Love!

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