Saturday, January 23, 2010

Book Recommendation Saturday- Crimes of Fashion Series

You don't have to know a Donna Karan from a Michael Kors to enjoy the Crimes of Fashion mysteries, featuring Lacey Smithsonian. Fashion clues are just a small part of the stories woven by Ellen Byerrum and taking place in Washington DC, the Land Fashion Forgot.

Lacey is a reporter on the fashion beat for a fictitious DC newspaper, by way of the police beat in Sagebrush, Colorado. Somehow, as happens in all my favorite amateur sleuth mysteries, Lacey is always smack in the middle of a murder investigation. And I don't think I'm giving anything away by saying she always comes out on top.

Filled with a motley bunch of endearing characters, including Stella, her spikey haired hair stylist, her best friend, Brooke, an attorney with a true belief in conspiracy theories, her editor, Mac, and a hotter than hot love interest from her Sagebrush days, Lacey always has someone to back her up. Even her mother and sister, who make an appearance in Hostile Makeover, are a load of fun and not as obnoxious as she thinks.

The aspect I like best about Lacey is that she inherited an old trunk from her favorite aunt that's filled with vintage patterns and materials that she has made into period suits when she has the cash. Her love of classic fashion and her late aunt add a very emotional aspect to this series and there's even one book, Designer Knockout, that revolves around that trunk.

This series has everything I like in my "cozies"~a strong female lead, a great cast of supporting characters, good writing and a love interest, not necessarily in that order. Plus all the allusions to the 40's and Lacey's independent spirit make this a series I'm hoping will continue for a good long time.

I just found out that two of the books have been made into Lifetime TV movies. To check out the author and movies, go here:

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