Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bowers’ Show Today

Even though it was blazin’ hot, under the veranda at the Bower’s Museum was lovely. And fun! It’s always a good time when we get together in a casual group to sell our wares and catch up with all the other jewelry artist and cravers.

I rolled out a new idea I’d had for earring displays. I need to work on this bigger one a bit since I can see that the earring cards got a little out of alignment (tee hee).

The cards are Velcro’d to artist canvas (as always, excuse the cell phone photo’s…). I covered both pieces of canvas with pillow cases and when I got to the Bowers, Voila! I whipped off the pillow cases, set the canvases on easels and my earring set-up was complete. So convenient!

Here’s a (terrible) shot to give you an idea of the venue we enjoyed~soaring ceilings and cool vines.

And in the courtyard, where brides and Quinceanera girls (sort of a sweet sixteen for 15 year old Latina’s) flock for photographs, is a Fernando Botero sculpture, he of the zaftig women (this is an extra large girl riding a horse). After today’s show, some of us went to the El Pollo Loco (yes, non-Cali dwellers, The Crazy Chicken) across the street for a late lunch. But next month, I’ll have time to see the exhibit currently on view at the museum of Botero‘s work. It’s always very colorful, so you know it appeals to this Fearlessly Colorful chick!

Autumn, where are you???!!! As I said, today was ridiculously hot. I guess I should be grateful that we’re not caught in the Midwestern floods or getting ready for hurricane season in Florida. But really, 95 degrees?! *sigh* Ok, I’ve vented. Cool weather, according to those often wrong meteorologists, is on it’s way. I sincerely hope so! And I hope the weather in your area, wherever you may be, is acting it’s season and making your day lovely and comfortable!

PS--I sold the bat earrings in the previous post to my red headed friend, Barbara, and they looked fabulous on her!

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