Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Last of the Crosses

Here’s the last of the Super Bling Crosses I got at a yard sale a while ago. I’ve made them all into necklaces with handmade chains. The other two were Byzantine and if I’m not mistaken, this one is a box or foxtail chain. Whatever it is, it was fun to make and it looks awesome.

You can’t believe how shiny these rhinestones are. I picked up on the pink and green and used a couple of those color jump rings interspersed with the silver to give it a subtle hint of color.

Ever have one of those times that you’re just brimming with ideas but can’t quite sit and make them appear? That’s where I am right now. But you know what? The weather has cooled and life is calming down a bit. So hopefully, I can make some new jewelry happen soon!


Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

WOW! The cross is pretty but that chain is awesome!
I'm not feeling very creative right now either. I hope it changes for both of us!

Mary said...

This is a lovely piece--great work on coordinating the chain you made to the cross! Your show looked wonderful, and the pieces you posted before the entry about the show are great--so much color and variety--as always from your creative spirit.

Where is Foothill Ranch? We will be in Orange, CA that week (with extended family, so it's hard to say how our time will go--but wouldn't it be fun if we could connect?)