Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Midweek Vacation Day

The Husband and I took today off to collect my prize winning (!) necklace from the OC Fair. We slept in a bit ~ luxury ~ then drove to Costa Mesa where we had breakfast at our fave restaurant, Ruby’s. It always helps to have a coupon. I’m really big on coupons these days!

After our yummy breakfast, we walked it off at South Coast Plaza. When I first moved to Cali, I lived within walking distance of South Coast Plaza when it was in it’s infancy. There were more fields than houses in those days. So I always have a little nostalgia when I’m there. Nowadays, you can walk from the smaller mall to the mother mall via a bridge over Bear St, which is kinda cool. The Husband found some Wall E gee gaws on sale at The Disney Store but was not happy that someone spelled our name wrong:

The big, original South Coast, for you non-SoCal folks, is a pretty hoity toity place. You can find any store ever mentioned on Sex and the City, from Ferragamo to Prada. Some of the store windows virtually sparkle with diamonds, like the misspelled “Carter”, Harry Winston and Tiffany. *sigh* Here’s a beautiful set of doors with lilies of the valley etched into the glass. Gorgeous!

After more walking and browsing in Z Gallery and Barnes and Noble, we headed for the OC Fairgrounds. I tell ya, those folks are very organized and they made my first experience with them groovy. And to my delight, I got a red ribbon! They didn’t display the ribbon when I saw my piece the day we went to the fair, so I was happy to actually have gotten one.

With my necklace and my friend, Teresa’s, scrapbooking entry safely in the van, we stopped at Ikea, where we were not really surprised to find they’re selling houses. Ok, not really. They’ve partnered with a mobile home company to show both the homes and Ikea products in them. Two homes were on display in the parking lot and they were actually quite nice. Here I am on the porch of the bigger one.

So, we had a lovely day, a special, yummy breakfast, got in a lot of walking and were able to spend some quality time together. Even though I dragged him around a chi chi mall, The Husband can always create a good time (see first picture). I’ve promised to go with him to the Palm Springs Air Museum in November, so I can take more pictures of him having a good time!


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Mary said...

Your day sounds lovely--we will probably get to that very mall in October, when we (and our Florida kids with us) will be visiting the So CA kids (son & wife), who live very near there.

Thanks, too, for showing us all your wonderful sale finds in the previous post. That sale was a real bonanza for you--and many gorgeous Bear Chick creations will follow.