Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saling Solo

The Husband spent the morning preparing for a music gig he has tonight, so I went saling solo.

My very first stop was a virtual jewelry bonanza! It was in one of the nicer parts of town, where the houses are McMansions, usually on hills. I noticed it was really quiet when I parked-not too many cars-but there was a yard sale sign so I figured I was in the right place.

Up the driveway I climbed, tables of knick knacks in view. When I got to the top, to my delight, there were two (!) jewelry displays to my left! Mind, you never want to show your delight, joy, happiness. Keep it casual~never let it show that something is important to you. The antiquing books tell you that, so you don’t run the risk of someone else thwarting you just for sport of it and so the owners don’t try to take advantage. I just stay low key because it adds to the satisfaction later~the Great Huntress and Her Swag!

There was an entire wall of necklaces. I picked up anything I thought had chain or earring component potential.

In a jewelry case on a table, the colorful earrings, necklace and bracelet naturally caught my eye, all to be taken apart and reconnected with new chain weaves.

The gold chains are all so different and then there's the chain that's all “crystals" (near the top). I’m sure I’ll find good uses for the sparkly colored pendant, green and rhinestone thingies and the butterfly made in Italy.

More chain detail and one of the five chandelier crystals I got. I loved the smaller crystals at the top--can you say necklace and earring set?

I love the shape of these chains! Don’t know if I’ll use it for one long chain or a couple of different pieces. Oh, decisions, decisions!

The white piece on the right has potential for earrings and maybe a couple of necklace pieces. Oh, boy, am I gonna have fun!

Two good things about today’s foray: The weather couldn’t have been nicer. Sunny but a nice breeze. So pleasant! And I got to see a little Bengal cat and his housemate, a sweet fluffy dog who liked to be petted. Some of the best saling experiences I’ve had have been meeting friendly animals along the way!

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