Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I Light Up My Life!

I bought an Ott Light on sale quite a while ago. It's been very comfortable, sitting in it's box, waiting for me to find a place for it. This weekend, I finally carved myself out some dedicated space on a table in our living room~no more sitting on the floor! My back rejoices!

So, I dug around in the "work" room and found the Ott Light. Plugged it in and turned it on. Yea! Errr... After having it on for an hour or more, I realized that the bulb was still swathed in bubble wrap. Aren't the Ott people thoughtful to wrap up the fragile bulb? Fortunately, it hadn't gotten hot enough to melt the wrap onto the bulb. Whew!

Anyway, besides admitting my little goof, I wanted to say that with the Ott Light, I can really distinguish colors. Last night, I was making a pair of earrings. I was using a couple of different types of beads, in violet, which normally would be hard for me to distinguish in regular light. Oooooo, with the Ott Light, I could really see the subtle differences in color. Pastels can be really troublesome and the little glass pearls I was using always give me fits because they're so light and pink looks like white looks like violet.

Just wanted to throw out some positive info for y'all to use. In the immortal words of a classic Alka Seltzer commercial: "Try it, you'll like it!"


Fanciful Expressions said...

Oh you are so right about the Ott lights. I have them everywhere in the house. My studio,the library,next to the bed for late night reading. They make a huge difference and things look so much better when working.


Chris said...

I think OTT or faux OTTS really help my eyes too. The colors are more true. I'm with ya!:-)