Saturday, August 15, 2009

I Love Bats and I Love Cats

So, I was thrilled to find! Among other really cool artwork and creative stuff, artist Tara Fortin sells her Batcat creations. I've been biding my time, visiting her shop now and then, waiting for the right things to come along. And, finally, the time was right! Isn't it funny how we lurk and peek and finally, the moon aligns with our favorite radio station or something just as cosmic, and we're finally ready to make an order?

As well as creating ATC's, I also collect them. When I showed "Innocent Batcat" to The Husband, his response was, "He doesn't look that innocent to me..."

What could be better than a cozy Batcat reading in his cozy living room for the perfect bookmark? I bought this as a Christmas gift... Hmmmm... I may have to give her something else...

And here is the ultimate Batcat, hangin' upside down like all Batcat's should. The quality of this card is really amazing. It's not just printed on a notecard, the artwork is mounted on cardstock that's mounted on more cardstock, so it's really a substantial artpiece. I was very impressed with how well it was put together. Now I gotta find a frame!

All of my little treasures were wrapped up in an inner envelope inside the mailing envelope with a Blacklilypie sticker and Tara also included a little extra postcard, that's now on the wall at The Day Job.

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