Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Palm Springs Anniversary

Our 29th anniversary was this weekend. We spent a nice, relaxing Sunday having lunch at Tom's Farm in Corona and then vegging at the hotel. Monday, The Husband wandered around one of his favorite places, the Palm Springs Air Museum and I wandered around the uptown area on South Palm Canyon. Here's a few pix.

Sorry these don't look more appealing but you have to believe me when I say, Irish Nachos are the best! Melted cheese, bacon bits and green onions (or maybe scallions~you're not dealin' with Martha Stewart here...) over fries. Dipped in ranch dressing~Nom Nom!!

Here I am with my astrological sign, Leo, in the Tom's Farm's statuary shop.

Calling Cinderella! This carriage makes tours around Tom's Farms.

Gotta love a horse with bling! We asked where you get a manicure like that. The young lady driving the wagon said, "My backyard!"

The Husband with a plane engine at the Air Museum. Disregard the date, we are not one with our camera...

We had a lovely time. Next year, we're hoping to bring you pictures from Alaska!



Sally said...

Okay, this is way out there, but I was doing a Google search for a heart-shaped watch face, and your Twitter came up. You said you found both a face and some gold band something or others in the same shop. Would you mind please telling me what kind of shop you were in?? Was this a jewelry making place? My daughter smashed the face of her heart-shaped watch and is as crushed as the glass is. I'd love a tip!
johnson dot junk at yahoo dot com

Bear Chick said...

Here's where I found the heart shaped watch face:


Great shop on Etsy.