Saturday, June 13, 2009

Yart Sale Additions & Real Byzantine

Hope I’m not boring you with the Yart Sale stuff… But I added a few pieces today, mostly silver chains--they kinda qualify as white :-) See them in the Yart section HERE or click a pic below.

Here’s a preview of the Byzantine necklace I made at the art show last weekend. I just got an order of more aluminum rings in all colors, so I’ll be having more fun with those in the upcoming weeks!

I love this bright blue! And I did the actual Byzantine this time, not my Byzantine ala Mare *giggle*

Think guys will like this with a little black or copper color mixed in?

The Husband and I are celebrating our 29th wedding anniversary this weekend. I wasn’t one of those girls who dated a lot or dreamed about their wedding, spending hours thinking about dresses and flowers, so it always amazes me that my life has taken this path. I’m one lucky girl!

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Manon Doyle said...

Love your pieces! Happy anniversary to you and your husband!