Friday, June 19, 2009

OC Fair Adventure, Bear Chick Style

Today, I entered the Orange County Fair for the first time. DUH! I read and reread the instructions and for the life of me, I would swear they said the fair provides the displays for jewelry. *sigh* I actually meant to bring one of my own busts, just in case, but it slipped my mind. So I got there today and realized that, indeed, I needed to supply my own display.

Luckily, I had brought along The Husband and, since we planned to have dinner at Ikea, where I get some of the display props for my show booth, he suggested we look there after dinner for something appropriate. And if we did find something, that would save me having to come all the way back tomorrow.

So, after a dinner of Swedish meatballs and mashed potatoes (me) and a turkey wrap and fries (The Husband), we set off to find something to hang an orange, blue and clear necklace from. Pillows, frames and various cooking implements were rejected.

Then, like a miracle (cue the heavenly choir), the very thing I needed caught my eye in the bathroom section. It’s actually a cotton pad holder with three small, graceful legs and an opening with wavy sides. I took off the necklace, overturned the pad holder and voila! The necklace actually frames the opening and, with the chain hung around one of the legs, hangs to the perfect length. One thing I noticed when I was at the Fair was that most of the displays were black velvet. I loved the fact that the pad holder is brushed silver metal, so it will really stand out among the black.

Here are a couple of horrible camera phone pix taken in a rush, but hopefully you’ll get the idea.

I don’t expect to win anything, especially having seen some of the beautiful work there tonight, but I did get a free ticket to the fair and a purple ribbon just for entering! So I’m a pretty happy girl.

Hope you get to the Fair this year~Look for The Beaches of Orange County!

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