Monday, April 27, 2009

A Few Pix from Vaca

I’m still recovering from Death Valley, Vegas, the Bead Bazaar and a wedding, all in a week! So, I’ll let some pictures do the talking today!

Aliens in Baker, CA! Baker is a strip of fast food joints along the I15. Oh, and the Alien Beef Jerky store...

The Husband and me at Scotty's Castle, Death Valley.

The Mom and The Husband in Stovepipe Wells Village, Death Valley. Wish I'd had a camera that would photograph the night sky there. SPECTACULAR!

The Atrium at the Bellagio. Gorgeous! The glass house at the upper left held beautiful butterflies, flitting all around.

Me and Liberace! No, really...

Our fave car at the Imperial Palace Automobile Collection.

The Husband posing with Miss Atomic Bomb, 1957, at the Atomic Testing Museum in Vegas.

As you can see, a fun time was had by all!


Chris said...

um...Alien Beef Jerky store?? fascinating!

I hadn't realized that you were close personal friends with Liberace! lol

The atrium at Bellagio looks so very lovely~~

And Miss Atomic comment!

Glad you had fun~glad you're back safe & sound.

Quang said...

Alien Beef Jerky store...I am sold! I am heading there ASAP!