Saturday, May 2, 2009

Tall Mouse Craft Show

It wasn’t the greatest show on earth… But I met two very cool creative types~Yolandasclay (ceramic beads and pendants) and Laloon (art clay silver and cork)~and gave out a bunch of business cards. When a bad day goes fast, you know you’ve met some fun people!

Here’s a terrible, cell phone pic of my setup. It’s a constant challenge to do setup’s for different size tables and spaces.

I was happy with the different levels I created and for once, I didn’t put out too much and create clutter.

A word to show crafters, newbies and otherwise--if you’ve committed to do a show till a certain time, do NOT pack up early. I don’t want to totally rant out here, but it’s upsetting when vendors leave before the show is over. Besides the fact that it’s unprofessional, it makes the show look shoddy when there are empty spaces. You are making a commitment to do the show-have the integrity to complete your obligation.

Stepping off soapbox.

I’ve been putting off starting the competition necklace for the Orange County Fair. But now I’m back from vacation and the two shows I had are done. No more excuses!! This coming week will be dedicated to getting my Beaches of Orange County necklace done. I may even do a bracelet and earrings! To keep me motivated, I may even post progress photos.

May 15 is the day to start voting for the Beadstar contest, where I posted my Tequila Sunrise necklace. You can believe I’m gonna post the link here so you can vote! For me, hopefully :-)

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