Sunday, April 12, 2009

Vegas or Bust, Baby!

The Husband & I are meeting my mother in Vegas next weekend, to spend the week in Death Valley (The Mom is a national parks fan) and Vegas. I’m sure we’re going to have a great time, seeing shows, walking the Strip and ogling the world’s largest rhinestone at, where else, The Liberace Museum.

But there probably won’t be a lot of computer time while we’re on the go so I had to decide what to do about my online shops. Keep them open with announcements that all items bought within these dates would be shipped on this date, or just close the shops by putting them on vacation mode?

I decided on vacation mode, for two reasons. One, I was afraid that customers wouldn’t read the announcement, then get upset that their orders were being “ignored”. That could only lead to unhappy customers. And two, I think I will be a much better traveling companion if I’m not worrying about my customers being “ignored”. At the best of times, I’m an email junkie, but away from home and computer, I’d be a basket case if I thought I’d be missing purchase emails and letting down customers. So, the shops will be closed from Friday night, April 17 to sometime on Sunday, April 26th.

We’ll be home on Friday, the 24th, but I have the Bead Bazaar at the Bowers Museum (see more info to the left of this post) on Saturday, then a wedding on Saturday evening. I’m gonna be bushed on Sunday but will have the shops up and running by end of day.

I’ll also be raising a few prices, mostly on the Charm N Bead pieces, at that time, so if you’ve been wanting something, now is the time to get it :-)

Hope to see you OC folks at the Bead Bazaar!

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