Friday, November 7, 2008

Ode to High Speed Posting!

La la la! Singing the praises of high speed internet! I was able to post 5 new vintage jewelry listings on Etsy tonight. Can you say effortless? For those of you who haven't read any of my travails regarding dial up, let me just say that trying to list 5 things on Etsy a month ago would have taken all night and a year off my life!

I love to buy old jewelry at yard sales and church bazaars. Some go into new jewelry pieces or artwork but some are real finds, either signed (which means the name of the manufacturer is stamped on the back) or not. Here's a couple of things I posted tonight:

Here's a beautiful pair of Richelieu earrings. The pearl is peeling just slightly but otherwise they're in great condition, with all the shiny shiny rhinestones intact.

Are these a blast from the past, or what?! Do you remember sweater guards or clips? I wore them when I was a kid. You clipped each side of the collar of your sweater so it wouldn't fall off when you had the sweater draped over your shoulders. These are classics signed by Judy Lee.

I picked up this apple because I was impressed that all the rhinestones were intact. This little baby really shines! It would make a unique teacher's gift just because of the blue color.

Come on by to see more vintage and handmade items I've posted in the last few weeks. And remember, domestic and Canadian shipping is free till December 15!

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Art By MAR said...

I just love anything vintage. That apple is so gorgeous! Also thanks for your comment on my blog it really hit home with me about needing a break from this business thing sometimes. I had almost a week pretty much away from the computer when hubby had surgery and it did me a world of good. Like any "job" sometimes you just need a vacation!