Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Early New Year's Resolutions for Bear Chick

It's not even Thanksgiving and I'm already thinking about next year. Here are some goals and things I want to put in place for my business.

Redesign my craft fair set up, complete with Bear Chick banner

New car magnets--the old ones don't mention Etsy

Apply to juried, handmade only shows. No more competing with Cookie Lee and crap made in China

Maintain a marketing calendar, for social networking and other promotional activities

Join a real, live networking group, preferably a chamber of commerce or a women's group, with ties to the community

Learn more about chain making

Get into metal stamping so I can make my own custom charms

Take command of my toaster oven so I can make polymer clay creations that aren't undercooked (floppy) or overcooked (blackened)

Just 'cause I like a blog with at least one picture, here's a sweet little vintage gold tone and garnet pin, currently for sale on Etsy.

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VanDerHoekArt said...

Great goals to have for the new year! You've inspired me to think up some of my own.