Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Just Posted on Etsy!

The Husband is waiting for me so we can watch the final two episodes of Deadwood - you know I'll be making something new as we watch! But I wanted to share a couple of cool things I just posted.

This is a resin necklace and it's so bright and fun! I confess I wear most of what I make at least once so I know (in my paranoid little brain) that it's not going to fall apart and when I wore this to work, I got a ton of compliments on it. I've been perfecting my wrapped loops. Plain loops, without the twirly layers of wire at the top of the bead, are fine for small beads and when I'm connecting to chain (see below) but I like to do the wrapped loops on bigger beads and long bead combinations, just for security.

And here's my newest thing, chains I've made myself using jump rings. I've always loved pattern and this plays right into my obsession. I've been making the one/two chains, with one ring, connecting with two rings, then one, then two. But the "flower chain" is really cool. It takes a little patience but it looks sweet and delicate, with three rings connecting to one. The turquoise necklace above is a good example.
Off to watch Deadwood and make a purple chain necklace!

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