Sunday, August 24, 2008

Save the Date!!

September 27 Member Sale Bead Society of Orange County!

Every September, The Bead Society has an informal sale on the veranda of the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana. Come see what our members have created this year. I’ll have my jewelry and sneak in a couple of ATC’s, too. We usually start around 10AM and go till early afternoon. Hope to see you there!

And while you’re there, plan to see the Terra Cotta Warriors. The exhibit really is amazing. Anything that’s survived over 2000 years ya gotta love! These figures feature details like strands of hair and the lacings on boots. What’s really interesting is that no clothing survives from this era and so these Warriors have provided great insight into the uses and symbolism of the uniforms and weapons of their times. And that's just one factoid among many. You won’t be disappointed!

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