Friday, August 22, 2008

Adventures in Light Molding Paste

Last time I wrote, I mentioned working with the light molding paste. This week, usually at 6:45AM, I did some painting and experimenting. Here are some photos:

This is a great example of the texture and depth you can create with the light molding paste. I dry brushed acrylic paint onto this ATC-sized mat board in pastels.

On this one, once the molding paste was dry, I wet the entire surface, then dripped acrylic paints onto the mat board, ala Pollock. When the paint hits the water, it spreads out and makes beautiful, bold patterns. The full piece looks really groovy, man!

As much as I loved smearing the molding paste around on the mat boards, I wanted to do something a little different, with a bit more control. So I fashioned three long stripes, to see what I could make of them. A few days ago, I wondered what these inchies would look like between the stripes and this morning, I was inspired to take my gold leaf pen and highlight the tops. Now I have to find a good quote to fill the top and bottom and get everything adhered.

My plan is to eventually embellish these backgrounds with quotes, words and other interesting things. Two of the mat boards that I’ve played with but didn’t photograph yet have metal embellishments molded into the paste and I’ll tell ya, they ain’t comin’ out and I know that because I tried with all my might to pull 'em out!

I did get some more earrings onto Etsy last weekend and I’ll try to get a few more things on this weekend.

Thanks for comin’ by!

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