Saturday, August 16, 2008

*Sigh* Paris Dreams

It’s been a rather uncreative August. I have a few things in progress but here’s one thing I’ve actually managed to finish:

This ATC encompasses my own personal Paris Dreams (see my sister blog,, for more on that…), eating at sidewalk cafes, the iconic Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, the cute little gargoyle. Someday…

I’m sure this must be someone else’s sigh inspiring dream too, so pretty soon it’ll be on Etsy.

Last week I was finally experimenting with some molding paste I've had for months. It’s interesting to work with because it’s a soft consistency, like un-sticky marshmallow fluff, and you can make waves with it, stick things in it to make designs and paint on it, among other fun things. I’m planning to play with it some more, as I create backgrounds for some of my favorite words and inspirational sayings on ATC’s.

The Day Job is going well but we’ve already been warned there’s going to be a ton of OT during September as we’re merging a couple of units together, so creativity will be a challenge. But life, and art, will go on!

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