Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Vacation & Celtics

The Husband insisted we stay a night in San Diego instead of trying to fit the Natural History Museum and Sea World into one day. And honestly, we needed to get away and just relax. Plus it was our 28th wedding anniversary! We spent the afternoon at Sea World feeding flamingoes, watching polar bears cavort and eating the best brownie ice cream sandwiches in the known world.

At 7 that evening, we turned on the tv in the hotel room to see Jeopardy, only to find the Lakers/Celtics playoff game. When we saw the Celtics were 24 points down, we turned it off. Oh, I should say that I grew up in the Boston area, just so you know who I’m rooting for… A little after 8, we turned the tv on again and the score was practically tied! So we watched the last quarter, which was totally exciting, since the Celtics won.

The next day, Friday the 13th, we went to the Pompeii exhibit at the Natural History Museum. In true Friday the 13th style, as soon as we got to the ticket counter, the printers went offline! But they solved the problem quickly and that was the worst that happened to us all day, thank goodness. The museum is beautiful, very modern, with a bright, 4 story atrium and lots of giant dinosaurs and sea creatures hanging from the ceiling. The Pompeii exhibit, while full of beautiful artifacts, my favorite being the gold jewelry, was also extremely sad. Casts made from the people and animals who died in the second blast of Vesuvius made up the final part of the exhibit. It was definitely worth seeing but left me a little sad.

I also got some ATC’s done (pictures soon) while on vacation and did some organizing for the rummage sale we’re having at the clubhouse where we live. I also had an interesting project for a friend, rewiring the glass dangles on a hanging lamp. And I came up with a new earring concept--well, new to me, anyway--that I’ll introduce at the Handmade Brigade show on July 12. More on that later!



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Art By MAR said...

Sounds like you had a nice getaway, and Happy Anniversary! Thanks for visiting my blog I really enjoyed your "part-time cat" story. Must be a lot of us out there! Also wanted to say I love your memory wire bracelets.