Saturday, June 7, 2008

Happy Saturday!

We spent part of our day at Tom’s Farm in Corona. They have a very family friendly facility and Dean’s hoping to be able to perform there, with either the melodrama troupe or by himself, with the banjo. We’ll see what transpires. Here I am with the worlds largest rooster!

I really have to do my walking tonight--we shared a plate of Irish Nachos (French fries covered in cheese, bacon bits and scallions--yum!) and had an ice cream cone for dessert. And not the low fat frozen yogurt, the rich, calorie-laden stuff…

When we got home, I found out I’d been accepted into my first juried show! Last night I got an email thanking me for my submission but I didn’t make it. Then I got a lovely email from Nina, at Tall Mouse, the craft store sponsoring the show, telling me I’d just missed getting in and how it was a very tough decision, so that made me feel better. Today, I got home and checked email and Woo Hoo, someone dropped out and I got in! It’s called the Handmade Brigade and it’s taking place on July 12 at the Tall Mouse in Cerritos. More details later.

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