Friday, June 6, 2008

June Special on Etsy!

Everyone who makes an order from me this month on Etsy gets a free grab bag, worth anywhere from $10-$20. A combination of jewelry-possibly a bracelet, earrings, necklace, you never know what you'll get-in every bag. While supplies last. Go to for this cool deal.

Did some writing today and finally did the five mile walk DVD. It takes an entire hour and really makes you sweat, which is a good thing. Pulled apart Dean’s old PVC clothes rack, trying to make a light box to photograph my Etsy listings. I got it all apart but it only had three legs somehow and was too high… Reminded me of trying to build with Tinker Toys… Dean came home and made a perfect configuration. That’s what I keep him around for ;-) I’ll give it a try tomorrow.

Dean and I watched Juno last night for the first time and we were both charmed. Ellen Page was perfect as a young girl trying to be mature and through a painful transition, achieving the first fluttering feelings of grown-upness. The strange and wonderful music will make you listen and smile.

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