Friday, June 20, 2008

Haute (or is that HOT) Earrings

It’s 8PM in SoCal and it’s 88 degrees! I finally got my homemade light box all together for the first time today, to take, hopefully, better pictures. Here’s how dedicated (or crazy) I am--this afternoon was triple digit temps and I was taking pictures between two hot lights without air conditioning…

But I was happy to finally take some pix of a few new earring styles I’m trying. Here are some rubber tubing dangles, like my memory wire bracelets.

What I really like about the rubber tubing is the colors are so bright.

Planning a trip to Vegas? These are the earrings for you.

I have a couple of other colors of dice you’ll be seeing soon.

And last, but not least, button earrings. I know this probably isn’t an original idea, but they’re so much fun to make and create such movement when you wear them.

Expect to see a bunch of these on Etsy.

Hope you’re all keeping cool or warm, dry or hydrated, pick whichever one applies!

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