Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Rummage Sale Saturday!

If you’re in north Orange County Saturday, June 28, come by the clubhouse in my community and get great deals at our rummage sale. Help me clean out my house!! Even The Husband forced himself to part with some things. You’ll notice there aren’t any pictures. That’s ‘cause the house is in total disarray, with overflowing boxes of stuff everywhere that the cats need to inspect. And nothing’s coming back in the house, either. It goes straight to Goodwill!

Here’s where we are:
2851 Rolling Hills
Fullerton, between Associated and Placentia
8AM to 2PM

We have lots of purses, frames, design books, home décor, toys and a whole box of 10 cent items. Don’t know what the rest of the community will have, but I’m sure there’ll be bargains galore. The fun thing about being in the rummage sale is that I get first pickin’s on the old jewelry--strictly for art purposes, of course!


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