Monday, June 30, 2008

Ay Carumba!! Last Day of June and Computer Issues

I have been really struggling with my computer lately. Lord help me, I’m still on dial up but we hope to have high speed by the end of July. Anyway, I can’t bring up my Amazon or Associated Content accounts at all and for a while, I couldn’t get pictures to upload on Etsy. Long story short, I’ve cleaned up the hard drive on the computer and constantly have to delete cookies and files before I upload pix to Etsy now… Everytime I start to upload pictures, I say a prayer and try to stay calm.

I actually have gotten a few things on this weekend. Here’s a cool, colorful necklace that has a pin for a focal pendant.

I also got bored Friday night and colored a bunch of inchies that I’ll slowly make into ATC’s or other artworks. Here’s one now.

What I have to look forward to in July: A visit to the Terra Cotta Warriors at the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana the day after my birthday (birthdays are not looked forward to as much as they were when Johnson was in office…). And Sunday night concerts in the park in Yorba Linda.

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