Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tips for Working with Bear Chick Components

I’m working on a line of Bear Chick jewelry components, with the idea that people would love to make their own jewelry if it was fast and easy. With all the things folks have to do these days, a simple way to feel creative might be a Good Thing. So, here’s a tutorial for quick ways to make easy but elegant jewelry in just a few minutes with just two tools!

First, you’ll be using a few jump rings to connect things. This is how jump rings work:

To open a jump ring, do not pull apart. Holding 2 pair of pliers, bring one side of the jump ring forward and the other backward. Reverse to close.


Earring Materials

2 Bear Chick components
2 Charms
2 Ear Wires
4 Jump rings

Open the four jump rings, so they’re ready to use.

Connect the charm to the component by slipping the jump ring through both the component and the charm.  Close jump ring.

Connect the component/charm to the ear wire.  Repeat these steps for the second earring.

For bracelets or necklaces, the same basic instructions apply--just connect the components to chain or each other with jump rings and connect each end of the finished piece to a clasp with jump rings.
Then you can say, “I made this myself!”

I use one pair of bent nose pliers and one pair of flat nose but you can use two pair of flats.

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Chris said...

Cool tutorial gal! Hope it inspires some folks to get creative!