Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bead Society Workshop

Today we had a workshop on photography, given by pro photog, Jamie McGrew, at the Bead Society of Orange County. Very informative! I learned a lot about lighting and camera placement. Now, to put all the knowledge to use… Like anything else, it requires practice, practice, practice!

Here’s Jamie, with his reflection device. This was a revelation to me because whatever I’m wearing (or not… I’ve tried everything including photographing in my undies…) reflects onto silver jewelry. With a “wall” of foil between me and the subject, silver jewelry will reflect silver!

Suspending this necklace (made by one of our talented members, Wendy Webb) improved the picture of the piece tenfold, rather than laying it down flat.

Before the workshop, our program at the meeting itself was with the wonderful Robert Liu, editor of Ornament Magazine, who also spoke about photographing jewelry. His pictures were lush and amazing~~of course, he only photographs the BEST for Ornament! He gave great tips and anecdotes and we totally enjoyed his presentation.

The Bowers Museum in Santa Ana, where the Bead Society meets, hosted a wedding on it’s grounds today. Isn’t this the coolest limo??!!

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