Friday, June 11, 2010

5 Things Friday

Five Things I Like About the Celebration of the Arts Show:

1 I get to see certain artists and friends at least once a year

Max Yamada and Charlie Chan (Max is the artist :-)

2 It’s in a park, so we get to see lots of dogs. In fact, this year we brought a water dish for thirsty puppies

3 Had too much fun talking to people to work on a chainmaille project I brought along to do during the show

4 We have an excellent spot under a tree, where we had shade and a sweet breeze all day

5 We’re in the middle of several stages, so we hear great music throughout the show

Here’s me and my booth (note the earring display on the chair to the left of the picture. It kept blowing over in the sweet breeze so I had to give it a lower position to keep it stable...)

This is my Bead Society Buddy, Anneliese

These pictures are courtesy of the Yorba Linda Arts Alliance.

Do What You Love!

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