Sunday, May 30, 2010

Wishful Thinking Sunday

I wish there was no such thing as war. But there is. So on this Memorial Day weekend, The Husband and I went to the relatively new Lyon Air Museum in Costa Mesa. Here are a few shots of our visit:

Reminds me of MASH~btw, my dad was in Korea.

The Husband and a German vehicle-those middle wheels actually helped in hilly terrain.

Something to keep up morale in the 40's, the Helms Bakery truck, complete with cooling racks and bread shelves!

An aerial view of some of the planes

A wedding dress made out of a fiance's parachute

No caption required!

This museum only opened last fall but it had a constant stream of visitors this morning. The docents are very helpful and you'll enjoy all the history this place has to offer. It's on the far side of John Wayne Airport, really easy to get to. Would make a great Father's Day destination for those of you near the OC!

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