Saturday, May 8, 2010

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Well, I finally started a new mystery series, The Bryant and May books, by Christopher Fowler. The first book, Full Dark House, delves into this London detective teams beginnings during the Blitz while solving a present day murder.

Arthur Bryant and John May, now both nearing their 80's, met during WWII, when they were assigned to the Peculiar Crimes Unit, a ragtag group of police and forensics people who worked on unusual, time consuming crimes at the height of the London bombings.

Reading this book made me realize what the citizens of London actually lived with on a daily basis during the nightly German attacks. And weaving it all into a modern day bombing of their own offices brought the two timelines together nicely.

Darkness plays a huge role in this story. London was largely dark at night, to avoid creating targets for the German bombing raids. And darkness envelopes an old Victorian theatre where members of the cast of a scandalous production of Orpheus and their loved ones are targets for a crazed, ghostly killer.

Is the Greek shipping magnate who's financing the show exacting some revenge through the Greek gods and goddesses on stage? Or is there really a ghost terrorizing the company? And how does this all tie in with the modern day bombing and death of Arthur Bryant, John May's partner of 60 years?

As always, I'm drawn to this book because of it's characters. Bryant is a flighty but brilliant detective, whose mind is more attuned to strange and far fetched theories than the feelings of the people around him. May balances his anti-social ways with a calm and likable personality and a methodical detecting technique. Together, they pool their thoughts and theories to catch the bad guys.

I’m already on the second book, The Water Room. But I found out my library is missing the fourth book-sounds like a trip to Amazon will be in order soon…

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