Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Life on Etsy Tuesday

Now that Mother's Day has passed, I can show you what I made for The Mom. She loved it! I made the chain from aluminum jump rings and ...

... I got this magnificent leaf from JasGlassArt at Etsy, who I featured a few weeks ago here. I'm still in love with her screen door bugs!

And here’s a tip regarding Treasury curating on Etsy--While you’re building the Treasury, you cut and paste the item numbers to the Treasury screen. I suggest also pasting the list of the numbers to a Word doc, just in case something like this happens to you~~I had the whole Treasury made, hit the create button and ZAP! There was an error in publishing that wiped out the entire thing. GRRRRR… Lesson learned!

Do What You Love!

PS-Yes, I'm aware that it's Wednesday...

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