Thursday, March 25, 2010

Things Thursday

Ok, so it's usually 8 Things... But the Top 10 American Idols were named yesterday, so I thought I'd throw in the songs I'd really like to hear them sing. So, HERE goes:

Songs I'd like to hear the top 10 American Idols Sing

Crystal~Free Man In Paris (the obvious choice, though, Piece of My Heart)


Aaron~100 Years

Andrew~Heaven (Los Lonely Boys)

Didi~You're So Vain

Casey~Ain't Goin' Down Till the Sun Comes Up

Siobhan~Big Black Horse and the Cherry Tree

Katie~Don't Know Why

Tim~Jesse's Girl

Lee~How You Remind Me

Yeah, I know this is twelve... Apparently the top 10 haven't posed for pix yet...

Do What You Love!

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