Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday Book Resources

Still reading mystery series... Should have an actual book review next week.

So, here's a couple of bookish websites I turn to on the rare occasion that Amazon lets me down:


Both of these websites deal in used books sold by independent sellers, which I love to support. I sell a few things on Amazon once in a while myself and really appreciate my buyers. You can get some really great deals here while supporting small businesses or individuals.

Let me be clear, I really like Amazon. Most of the time, their prices are the best around and it's just so easy to shop with them. They usually have what I want, new items anyway, and their free shipping for $25 and over orders can't be beat. But here's how Amazon fails me:

I'll give you an example of a search I made recently. I was looking for an out of print book that was selling on Amazon through independent book sellers, for upwards of $25. For a little paperback!! So I went to Alibris and found one copy for $1.99. Yay! I didn't need it to impress anyone, it didn't need to be a shiny, new copy, it just needed to be affordably readable. Maybe I just lucked out finding it so cheap, but knowing I can go places other than Amazon for my reading needs is liberating.

On Amazon, if you want to buy several books from one seller, you are forced to pay the full shipping price for EACH book. Huh?? 21st century folks, there should be a method to combine shipping for the same seller. Many of the independents that sell on Amazon also sell on Alibris and/or Abebooks, so I zip on over to those websites, where shipping for one seller is combined, and get what I want for shipping that makes sense.

These websites are also excellent resources for text books.

I used to be able to spend hours in bookstores, browsing and reading in snatches. Now, not so much. I don’t know if I just don’t have the patience anymore or if there just aren’t enough bookstores nearby with character and books I’m interested in perusing. But the fact that I can support independent bookstores online makes me feel good. There’s a place in the world for Borders, Barnes and Noble and Amazon, but God bless the indies!

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